We changed the traditional way to conceive marble

Marble is considered in its deepest aspects, aiming at the extraction of the real soul of this cold-appearance material, that is able to warm up the spaces in which it is wisely inserted.

Tecnomarmi was brought to life in 1998

Paying attention to human resources and to technologies, we are able to realize complicated manufacturing availing ourselves of a qualified team and of internal and external partners and their expertise.

Advanced technology

As we mentioned above, our company is provided with the most advanced technologies, for example the Water Jet cutting, 5 Axis milling, numerical control, sublimation machine, thermoforming machine, etc. With these technologies we are able to realize every kind of manufacturing, also large size products.

Moreover, in our indoor warehouse customers will find a wide range of materials and our qualified employees will give you the appropriate suggestion, in order to aim at the best fulfillment of each project.